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Smoothie Morning

Promotional pack


I was recently selected to receive a promotional pack from Dole which contained a tote bag, keyring/trolley token, magnetic mini photo frame, vouchers for their new frozen fruit packs and an invitation to host a ‘smoothie morning’ for friends and family. It seemed like a good excuse for a get together so I set up a facebook event and invited my nearest and dearest. In total, 9 adults and 5 children arrived at my house this morning, ready to test out some smoothies.

First up was a recipe from the booklet that came with my Nutri Ninja, named the Powerball. Blueberries (from the frozen Dole pack), coconut milk, cocoa powder and banana combined to make a slushy smoothie so thick that it had to be eaten with spoons!

Next came the Triple Berry Smoothie recipe from Dole themselves (picture below) which used the frozen Triple Berry mix, almond milk, banana, turmeric and chia seeds. This one divided opinion, some liked the turmeric taste and others were not so keen!


Moving away from the berries for a second, the next smoothie was a spinach/lime/kiwi/apple combo which was a little too sharp for some but a surprising hit with the kids! I think this one was my favourite, it would be great as a mid-morning pick-me-up or even for breakfast if you added a scoop of protein powder.

Top – Powerball; Bottom Left – Triple Berry Smoothie; Bottom Right – Kiwi/Lime/Apple


Next, another recipe from the Nutri Ninja book, the Goji Berry Citrus Twist. This had grapefruit, orange juice, kiwi and dried goji berries and was a beautiful orange colour. This got the thumbs up from most of my guests and I think everyone came back for seconds!

I was running out of inspiration by this point so asked for requests. My mum was first up, asking for ‘something with pineapple and coconut’. Frozen pineapple, coconut milk, dessicated coconut and ice turned into a fab tropical cocktail (would be amazing with a shot of Malibu for a less sober event!) which had us all wishing we were sipping it on a beach and not in a suburban Manchester kitchen!

Next, we went back to the berries for a cherry, strawberry, spinach, almond milk and mint mixture which was ok but nothing special!

L-R: Goji Citrus Twist, Pina Colada, Berry Mint


My friend Hayley then requested a ‘chocolate smoothie for the adults’ after I made a chocolately milkshake for the kids earlier on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what I had put in theirs so my first attempt was not great! After a bit of tinkering it was nice enough though! I think in the end it had chocolate protein powder, Greek yoghurt, almond milk, banana, apple and vanilla essence.

Finally we ended with another recipe from the Nutri Ninja book, the Pineapple Kick. This was a pretty unusual one with pineapple, orange juice, ginger, jalapeno and lime and I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually like it but quite a few did! It would certainly wake you up in the morning that’s for sure!

L-R: Chocolate, Pineapple Kick


So I’d say all in all, the smoothie morning was a success! Think it gave people some new ideas and we even had a suggestion to make it a monthly thing! My friend Lucy has already bought a blender this afternoon so she can host the next one!

Thanks Dole for the chance to try the new frozen fruit packs for free, they are extremely handy and the half price coupons were gratefully received by my guests – the only problem was that there weren’t enough to go round!

My beautiful guests enjoying their smoothies!

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