Dinner · Mexican

Burrito Bowls

This is one of the more labour-intensive recipes but it’s so worth it! And if you don’t have the time or the inclination to make everything from scratch then there are plenty of shortcuts to speed things up a bit. Most supermarkets now do a tex-mex dip selection which is perfect for this meal. Fajita… Continue reading Burrito Bowls

Cooking With Kids · Easter · Sweet Treats

Easter Nests

Not so much a recipe this one and it’s certainly not original but if you’re looking for an Easter-related craft to do with young children then it doesn’t get much quicker or easier than these little nests. The hardest part is stopping the kids from eating everything before you’ve made them! Ingredients 3 biscuits Shredded… Continue reading Easter Nests


Chicken and Ham Pie

Ok, so pie purists will be baying for my blood that I have called this a pie but when you’re not eating wheat you have to get creative! In my opinion, this works best with leftovers so it’s best to plan ahead a little, you can freeze cooked ham and chicken so next time you… Continue reading Chicken and Ham Pie



Hello and welcome to the Common Sense Cookery blog! I hope to share some of my favourite recipes with you, both my own and those of others which have been tried and tested by me. I will also post about how I cook, why I’m passionate about food and the tips and tricks that help… Continue reading Welcome